Monday, July 8, 2013

You're in Hot Water

There is nothing like a hot shower or soak in the tub after a long day. Both are relaxing, soothing, cleansing and most of us feel better afterwards. So, a hot shower or bath is always good for you, right? WRONG!

You may think that taking a steamy shower or a hot bath hydrates your skin, but long showers or baths, particularly in hot water, can actually have the opposite effect on your skin. Hot water dries out your skin and hair and if it is too hot it can burn your skin and cause permanent damage.  
Your skin’s most superficial layers, the papillary and reticular layers in the dermis, are the layers with the highest oil concentration.  These layers and cells produce oils and fatty substances, which act as a seal that retains moisture in the skin. Studies show that hot showers and baths, as well as cold, dry air, chafing and excessive scrubbing can lead to dry skin. 
Besides stripping most of the natural oils from the surface of your skin, hot water also depletes water from your skin cells internally (making them less supple), and causes your pores to become swollen, leaving your skin highly susceptible to damage. The negative effects of hot water are particularly felt during the winter months, as exposing your skin to cold air right after washing with hot water often causes redness and peeling. However, even during the summer this is a bad idea, as the effects of hot water leave your skin more prone to sun damage, as well as makes it easier for dirt to get clogged in your pores year-round.
Many people, locals and visitors of Tampa come to Cleanse Apothecary looking for a remedy to help sooth and repair their dry skin. Being centrally located to Moffitt Cancer Center, Cleanse also works with patients to sooth the effects that chemotherapy has on their skin.  Instead of hot showers or baths, you should follow these steps to cleanse your body, including people who suffer with chronically dry skin, psoraisis or eczema. Also remember many medications can dry out your skin too, so it is important to read the side effects.  It is never to late to take care of your skin.  
1   Wash with slightly warm water; it expands your pores to some degree, which is necessary in order to remove dirt and bacteria that may be clogged within them.
2   Rinse soap/facial cleanser off with cold water. Cold water causes pores to tighten/contract and leaves you less susceptible to damage. After bathing follow with a body lotion and when exposing yourself to the sun, use sunscreen.
3  Hot water even effects your hair. Wash your hair in the coolest water you can manage, or at least rinse it in cold water at the end & follow with a healthy dose of conditioner. 
While you are young and healthy, you should start now and follow these steps to keep your skin looking it's best!
Visit Cleanse Apothecary & let us help you keep your skin feeling and looking good!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fighting the Flakes from Dry Skin

Do you or someone you know and love suffer from chronically dry skin, psoraisis or eczema?  From babies to adults, many people suffer with these skin conditions and their symptoms ( very dry skin, scaly, itchy, cracking). The causes of any of these skin conditions are not fully known by doctors, from your diet, family history and even stress, all can cause any of these skin conditions.

We have many customers that come to us looking for help, though we have no guaranteed cure, but by following our suggestions, we hope to make these conditions more tolerable and improve the appearance and feel of the damaged skin. 

* Avoid bathing & showering with hot water, use luke warm water for both bathing and showering. 

* Avoid harsh soaps and detergents and those mass produced beauty bars that you think are good for you. Maybe that's why there are no ingredients listed on them? Look for soaps enriched with shea butter, lavender essential oil, argan oil, all are known for their healing properties. 

* Take a bath. Bathing helps to gently soak off and remove dry flakes and calm the inflamed areas of the skin. Add a few drops of Argan oil to your bath water. 

* When drying off, gently pat the skin dry, rubbing the affected skin with the towel may irritate and worsen the symptoms.

* MOISTURIZE ! MOISTURIZE ! MOISTURIZE ! After bathing apply a rich body lotion enriched with shea butter or olive oil. During the winter months, you may need to apply a moisturizing lotion several times a day. 

* Ladies, if it is you husband that suffers from any of these conditions, buy him a good body lotion and make him use it. 

* At night before bed, apply a body butter or 100% pure shea butter to your skin.  

*Please note, in severe cases, when showering, wash only under you arms and private areas to reduce exposing the affected areas to any soaps and detergents, then follow with a rich body lotion or body butter. Resume normal bathing as the symptoms decrease.

We hope you feel better soon, because if you look and feel better, we do too! Visit Cleanse Apothecary and get you skin back into shape!

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stress-Free Holiday Gift Giving

Every year the holiday season roars upon us like a freight train out of nowhere. It is the most wonderful time of year, but it is also the most stressful time, too. So much to do and not enough time; working everyday, taking care of the kids, your spouses, your parents, your pets and finally yourself. Even your Holiday shopping becomes another chore to check off your list and you end up settling for some random shrink wrapped gift that a "Big Box" retailer decided months ago - that it would make a perfect gift for you to give.

Avoid the stress of the mall and let Cleanse help you make your gift giving more personal and meaningful by assisting you in putting together the perfect gifts! We want you and the recipients of your gifts to be delighted. No gifts are too small or too big for Cleanse to handle, from stocking stuffers, gifts for co-workers and even more elaborate pampering baskets for the ones you love- all will be wrapped up and ready for you to take away. We can also ship them across the country for you, too.

Tea Forte's Winter Spice Teas  are a festive limited edition collection that will warm your spirit: Sweet Orange Spice, Hazelnut Truffle, Harvest Apple Spice, Winter Chai, Sweet Ginger Plum. Contains 10 silken pyramid infusers (two of each blend).

It is also party season! Forgo the wine and flowers as a hostess gift this year and give a heavenly box of aromatic soaps from Pre de Provence. This herbal soap collection is a beautiful array of four fantastic 125g soaps: chamomile, eucalyptus, comfrey, and peppermint. People who receive these as a gift, use the soaps and then come back to give them as gifts!

For the epicurean in all of us! Direct from McEvoy Ranch are these delicious edibles that make a great gift including: Tuscan Table Olives, Plum & Anise Preserves, Meyer Lemon Marmalade & Apple Lavender Jelly. Let us wrap up all 4 in our signature gift box, they will definitely delight the taste buds of the recipient!

Nothing is more welcoming during the holidays than the aroma of Thymes' Frasier Fir collection! If it is always hard for you to get in a festive mood or you're a Ebenezer Scrooge, just one whiff of this diffuser will transform you into one of Santa's helpers. We highly recommend this one! 

Some very special people shared a Frasier Fir moment with us from a Christmas past and I'd like to share it with you. While a plumber was at their home he told them that their Christmas Tree smelled "so good". The home owner then pointed at the tree and told the plumber "fake tree" and then pointed at a Frazier Fir candle burning on the counter and said "Great Candle"! 

Even your Holiday Wishes to you family & friends across the country can be even more special with Robert Sabuda's Pop- Up Holiday Greeting Cards! Working with paper has always been a passion for The New York Times best-selling children's book creator. Sabuda cuts, folds and glues paper into amazing complex yet delightfully delicate pop-ups. This year marks his 10 year Anniversary! They are so much more than your typical card; they become treasured keepsakes to display every holiday season.

Bring your  holiday gift list (And Addresses for shipping) and enjoy a peaceful shopping experience away from the mall.  Celebrate Big by shopping Small at Cleanse Apothecary!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Men’s Shaving 101 
Though ignored by many for decades, shaving brushes are making a big comeback and quickly becoming very popular with men looking to get the best skin and shave possible. Using a shaving brush is probably the best step to improving a man’s shaving results and clearing up shaving irritations. The benefits of a shaving brush over your fingers include:
  • Generates more lather
  • Uses less shaving cream or soap
  • Lifts hair on your face
  • Opens up your pores
  • Naturally exfoliates your skin
  • Closer shave and better shave
  • Less irritation, razor burn, & ingrown hairs

9 Steps for the Perfect Shave !
  1. Shave during or after a shower. The warm steam makes it easier to shave. If you prefer shaving before your shower, apply a warm wet towel to your face or splash your face with warm water for a few minutes before shaving.
  2. Work-in the shave cream or shave soap into your face before shaving. Give it a minute or two. Too many men just slap on the cream and shave. If you already shave with a brush, try Pre de Provence’s Shave Soap enriched with Shea Butter. It protects, nourishes, hydrates & heals your skin.
  3. If you have a very heavy beard and never seem to get a really close shave, try Jack Blacks’ Beard Lube. A shave cream, pre shave oil & skin conditioner all in one!
  4. Never, never use a dull razor blade It just destroys your skin even if you use a very lubricating shaving cream.
  5. Avoid disposable razors. They are flimsy, bad for the environment and bad for your face. Disposable razors don't provide as good a shave as a solid well crafted razor. You use this tool every day - invest in a quality instrument.
  6. Men are always amazed at the huge improvement in their shave when using a shaving brush.  A shaving brush creates a wonderful, creamy lather; gently removes the dead skin from your face before shaving; and helps raise the beard hairs for your razor to easily shave. Use a shaving brush to apply a good shaving cream or shaving soap. Brush in a circular motion to lift the hairs off your face.
  7. If you need to go over any areas, be sure to reapply more lather as you shave.
  8. Most men shave in the direction of the grain to prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritation.
  9. After shaving, rinse with cool water and then apply a soothing after shave balm WITHOUT irritating alcohol. A moisturizing aftershave lotion will help your skin look healthier, better, and even younger. Our favorite is Pre de Provence’s After Shave Balm enriched with Shea Butter. It also make a great all over facial moisturizer too.
Visit Cleanse Apothecary for all your Men’s Bathing, Shaving & Fragrance -ing needs!  Located in Seminole Heights 5127 North Florida Avenue  813.374.0305

Friday, March 9, 2012

We are very honored at Cleanse Apothecary to partner with the American Cancer Society in their Seminole Heights Relay for Life. I always new I would partner with the ACS after my best friend growing up past away on October 1st 2010 after a long battle with prostate & pancreatic cancer. Jeff and I were inseparable. Like many good friends we shared so many memories and I miss him today. The reality is, we all have been affected by cancer in some way, whether ourselves, family members or close friends.

The event  "SPF 101 Protect your Bum from the Sun" is in conjunction with the launch of Sun Bum Sun Care products at Cleanse Apothecary.  Sun Bum products are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and are made, tested and bottles in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida, (Cocoa Beach) and are not tested on animals. Unfortunately, one in five of us will get skin cancer due to sun exposure. One in five. That’s more than all other cancers combined. The good news is, we can reduce the risk by 80% simply by regularly using approved sun care products. Sun Bum sunscreens are tested, approved, and recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF). The SCF is internationally recognized as the educational leader to the public and medical communities related to skin cancer prevention. The SCF does not approve or lend its seal of approval to higher risk products that do not meet their stringent standards. 

Please join Cleanse Apothecary & Seminole Heights Relay for Life for an evening of tasty treats, cocktails & Serious Sun Protection by Sun Bum! Sun Bum products are tested, approved & recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation! A portion of the night's proceeds will be donated the Seminole Heights Relay for Life - An American Cancer Society Event.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2nd Annual Fauna Fest at Cleanse Apothecary

Our 2nd Annual Fauna Fest at Cleanse Apothecary has come and gone in flash! We want to thank everyone who attended and helped make this years event more sucessful than last years event. This is our favorite event because it is for The Run for Alexis Saunders, A Benefit for Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Being animal lovers, like many of you, at Cleanse we always knew we would work with the Humane Society in some capicity. This event is more than a benefit for the Humane Society, it is a true celebration of life and the meaning of lasting friendships.

This all came about so naturaly when our friend Anne came to Cleanse for a gift and told me about an upcoming run she was organizing with her friend Merritt, in memory of their good friend. It was called "The Run to Remember Alexis Saunders." Anne told me that Alexis had passed away from an aggressive form of brain cancer and that She, Merritt and Alexis were very close friends and this was their way to keep Alexis's spirit alive through the "Run", while donating the funds raised to the Humane Society in Alexis's Honor.  Alexis, graduated from Vanderbilt University and earned a Masters Degee in Social work and worked at Lifepath Hospice. Before falling ill, Alexis was also an advid runner and a dog lover too. Alexis rescued her dog and devoted companion Chester, from the steets of Tampa, where she found him battered and starving. Alexis was there for Chester, nursing him back to life and he was there for her while she was battling for her own. Alexis passed away on March 7, 2010, at the age of 34.

Immediately I told Anne that we wanted to be part of this event in honor of Alexis, so we coordinated the Fauna Launch Party at Cleanse in 2011 and Fauna Fest in 2012. Fauna pet products are people tested and pet approved. The philosphy is simple, if you wouldn't use it yourself, don't use it on your pet!

Alexis touched many lives and we have met so many people who new her personally, I only wished I had the chance to. We are grateful to be be part of The Run to Remember Alexis Saunders and to be her Honorary friend.

If you would like more information on "The Run to Remember Alexis Saunders" or you would like to register in the 5k Run on March 10th at Al Lopez Park visit - search Alexis Saunders.
$25 Pre-Registration / $35 Race Day Registration, children 10 and under run for free, strollers and dogs are welcome too!